Fitness Experts Endorse Wii

A survey by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) on exercise and video games, has finding that technologies such as Nintendo's Wii "may prove to be just what fitness experts are looking for to help their clients get more active".

Nichole Snow, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer said:

... of Nintendo's new console: "The Nintendo Wii will show benefits for everyone. Whether you can sit down for the game or you have to be standing, it involves movement. The best part is its just fun - for everyone. Deconditioned and obese individuals will find it fun to play and gain aerobic movement out of the games. Seniors can enjoy gentle movements of bowling and golfing. Youth become a part of the game and don't just turn into vegetables in front of the TV."

She concluded her comments by noting: "Everyone can burn some calories and learn some good health habits from Nintendo Wii's fitness, and the system is just too hard to pass up when watching anyone play."

This organization is even starting to use words such as Exertainment and Exergaming, a sure sign that combining exercise and gaming may be more than just a novelty and may be a significant trend.

Source: Gamasutra