More thoughts on the Revolution controller

So does the new controller live up to all the hype. From what I,ve seen so far I would have to say definately Yes. Having had two days to think about it I like the new controller even more. While initially I was shocked by the bold departure I also saw instantly what Nintendo was trying to acheive.


Nintenblog has a new writer

My son Joseph saw what I had done with this site and decided he wants in on the action.

While only 9 years old he has more gaming experience than many older hardcore gamers. He got the Gameboy Colour at 5, Gameboy Advance at 6 and the Gamecube at 7.

Revolution Controller Revealed

My mind is full of so many feelings at the moment. I'm really, really surprised - I really didn't believe that the controller could live up to all the hype. Who could have predicted a little white remote control thingy. If this think works as well as Nintendo say, Microsoft and Sony are going to feel very stupid with their obsolete retro controllers.


Revolution earlier than expected?

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata is expected to reveal the Revolution's controller at the Tokyo Game Show this Friday (16 September 2005). While everybody is speculating on the controller, I will make a bold prediction that information about the release date for the Revolution will be the big surprise.


Why the Gameboy Micro will be a success

The Gameboy Micro went on sale in Japan today and early indications point to it doing better than what many have predicted. A lot of people have been sceptical of the Gameboy Micro citing its small size and premium price as negatives.

I believe the Gameboy Micro will be a huge success.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour DS

I was hesitant to buy this game considering most of the reviews I had read weren't too great. Having played this game for over two weeks I now think many reviewers were too premature in their judgment of this game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour DS

Golf has always been synonymous with frustration and this game is no different but with a bit of perseverance you will find this game very rewarding.


Nintendogs in Australia

That Nintendogs will be released in Australia on the 22nd of September is old news. However Nintendo have now announced that Nintendogs will sell for $49.95 which is about $20 less than most DS games.

This is great news as I won't have to share a copy with my son. I can now afford to buy 2 copies of Nintendogs.




Welcome to my Nintendo blog. Better late than never to jump on the blogging bandwagon.

Looks like I,ve chosen the most exciting of times to blog about Nintendo. The DS is doing very well, much better than the PSP, much better than any one predicted 12 months ago. Then almost everyone was predicting the worst for Nintendo. Now not only is the DS outselling the PSP but more importantly peoples perceptions of Nintendo have turned around. Today it seems as if every one is a Nintendo fan - where were all these people 12 months ago.


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